The BodyMind Programme for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME, Fibromyalgia & Pain

We now offer phone or Skype sessions in the comfort of your own home. Your first session will be FREE. To find out more click here or call 01728 830604 for more details.

We have developed the BodyMind programme to help people who have long term chronic illnesses.

By using the BodyMind techniques it is possible to address the underlying cause of many problems. We teach you a system of practical strategies and techniques that you use to reinstate healthy responses between your mind and body, leading to renewed health and wellbeing.

We receive recommendations from consultants, GPs, physios, occupational therapists and complimentary therapists from here in the UK and around the world. You can contact us direct or talk with your GP, local clinic or specialist NHS service provider. We advise you to consult your GP and obtain a diagnosis before applying for the programme.

Our Client Results Survey suggests that “80% of those diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome have greatly improved”. read more here.

The Programme

programme for healthThe programme works in 3 phases and consists of preparation/coaching/assessment, a three day training course or shorter sessions by Skype, and follow-up coaching along with other forms of ongoing support.

We now offer phone or Skype sessions in the comfort of your own home. Your first session will be FREE. To find out more click here or call 01728 830604 for more details.

You learn how to have a positive effect on your immune system, digestive system, endocrine system (hormones), neurological and musculo skeletal body systems. You will discover how stress has a devastating effect on the chemistry of the mind and body. But more importantly you will discover what “stress” really is, and how much of it becomes an unconscious automatic vicious cycle.

"Any treatment which reduces the stress response
 will improve chronic fatigue syndrome and many other conditions"

Professor Leslie J Findley, MD, MRCS, DRCOG, DCH, FRCP speaking on Radio 4 Consultant Neurologist with Barking, Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust


a group of people with chronic fatigue syndrome taking part on the BodyMind programmeThe over production of stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) has been found to cause dysfunction to many body systems which can lead to a confusing array of symptoms. Our programme works so well because we teach you how to use techniques that address the underlying cause of conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome and M.E. You are informed, supported and empowered to break the cycle of ill health.

You will learn in detail how stress hormones effect your body. You also learn how your own personal triggers create physiological responses.

We then teach you how to use techniques to stop the unconscious stress response and replace it with positive responses that allows the body and mind to function normally. The reduction in stress hormones allows the body to return to homeostasis (a state of equilibrium) which in turn allows the immune system to function well again. Digestive and brain function also improve and gradually you can reduce or eradicate your symptoms and create sustainable improvements to your health.

SunsetWe teach you how to use NLP language, visualisations, brain rehearsal techniques, coaching and movement to stimulate new neural pathways in your brain. You will notice positive improvements very quickly and then build on these to improve and maintain your health.

We support you to make the improvements sustainable but you will have to continue to integrate the techniques into everyday life. In doing so you will find the techniques become quick and automatic. The techniques are easy to learn but require repetition and commitment to get good results. They can be used by people who have been unwell for some time or have symptoms ranging from very severe to mild.

The age of clients we have worked with ranges from eight to eighty.

How does the BodyMind compare with other treatments?

'I did loads of things, acupuncture, diet, hypnotherapy and spent a fortune. They all seemed to help a bit, but nothing really cured my ME. But when I did the programme with Steve I actually got much better. It was harder than I thought it would be but I got properly better and don't have to be careful all the time, so it was worth it!' Jackie.

'I tried the pacing and have improved a lot.......but the BodyMind is different. I learnt new things that stop me feeling ill. I have gone up a level and I can do what I want now'. Simon

'When I did the Gupta course I did it for months but my headaches were terrible. It seemed more complicated. I'm finding the BodyMind easier to follow. Now I am tons better and I have learnt how to stop them completely.' Susan.

'This course is easier than the Lightning Process and does cover things in more detail. I can go at my own pace and have gradually improved... its taking me months but I am getting my life back gradually.' Michelle.

'I did Mickel Therapy and find the BodyMind is less about analysing the problem than that was.
I could often feel quite stressed trying to figure out what was making me feel bad. So doing the BodyMind course is better as I just have to notice the problem and then do the techniques, which is quicker and works better.' Alex.

I did a course of CBT which seemed to be more about anxiety than CFS. I found it hard to rationalise things when I was struggling with brain fog and couldn’t think straight. With the BodyMind you just get on and do it, I was surprised how much simpler and easier it was. Justin.

The Science

neural networks firing in response to stimuli neural networks firing in response to stimuli

The amygdala are the two parts of your brain responsible for triggering the fight or flight response. This is a normal, healthy response designed for survival and when the danger is over we revert to ‘homeostasis’, i.e. normal body function. But when we experience a lot of worry, anxiety, or fear, and especially during chronic illnesses like chronic fatigue syndrome and M.E., the amygdala become highly sensitised which leads to the brain and body becoming stuck in “stress response”.

The stress response is perpetuated by our thoughts, feelings and emotions, that fire up particular neural pathways in the brain. Repeated firing of the neural pathways leads to them becoming so established that the response happens automatically without us even realising.

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence therefore is not an action, but a habit.” Aristotle.

So in order to improve our health, we have to become aware of how we are perpetuating the stress response. We cannot rationalise ourselves out of it, we have to repeatedly reprogamme the brain and body with new life enhancing thoughts and feelings. In doing so we destabilise the stress response pattern as new positive responses become established between the brain and body.

To look at research click here.

Through repeatedly practicing life enhancing thoughts and feelings, we can literally retrain our body and brain into new patterns of health and wellbeing. The picture shows neurotransmitters (electrochemical messages) passing between one neuron and another. If this particular pathway is fired often enough, it will become an automatic response. By using the BodyMind techniques you will create new, automatic responses in the brain and body that lead to better health…the results speak for themselves.

What is stress and how does it affect us ?

Stress is the body's reaction to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional adjustment.

Stressed womanExternal stressors may include work, sleepless nights or money problems. Illness itself is stressful, as it may limit your ability to do ‘normal’ things and it may also effect your relationships. Increased stress hormones affect the mind and body and can become a chronic problem. There is much research now that shows long term or chronic stress has a devastating effect on
our immune function.

In our opinion, many powerful stressors also come from within. Low self-esteem, lack of confidence and fear of the future are all fairly common. But because they are experienced so often and feel so ‘normal’, they too create stress hormones.

stressed manPart of the training programme is learning to spot the internal stressors, as they are often unconscious responses.

Whilst a diagnoses is useful in many ways, it can also add an additional stress factor to the life of the patient, as concerns for the future increase. This can create a vicious cycle that contributes to maintaining conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome and M.E. or even making them worse.

In relation to pain
Pain is transmitted from the periphery to the brain via the spinal cord. Many scientists believe that pain messages are controlled by “gates” located in the spinal cord. It appears that when we experience stress, anxiety, fear, depression, memory of pain and crises, pain gate function is affected. The gates do not work properly and allow pain signals through which would otherwise be regulated.

Long-term illness can also make you more vulnerable to anxiety and depression. The more your body’s stress system is activated, the more sensitive it becomes, and the harder it is to switch it off.

Researcher, D. Bulijevac, PhD, a neurologist with the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, reports that researchers found that periods of stress doubled the risk of MS patients developing new symptoms, or a more severe form of their existing symptoms. He speculated that this is probably because chronic stress weakens the immune system. British Medical Journal, 2003.

To find out more on this subject you may wish to go online and research ‘stress response’ and how long term stress affects various body systems.


Being adequately prepared is an important requisite for success with this programme. It is essential to decide that this particular training programme is appropriate for you and your illness.

When you are ill it can be hard to imagine how you could go on a training course, and we believe it is entirely reasonable for you to be unsure whether you will get good results. Please use the contact form
or call us if you want to discuss your suitability.

We now offer phone or Skype sessions in the comfort of your own home. Your first session will be FREE. To find out more click here or call 01728 830604 for more details.

The Next Steps

  1. Firstly, find out as much as you can from our website and look at the recovery stories.
  2. Prepare some questions and phone us for an informal chat. We think it is a really good idea to explain as much as possible and address all your queries before you go any further. We may book another coaching call with you (no charge) and we can put you in touch with others who have been to the Rowan Centre
  3. Have a look online at talks by Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. David Hamilton and Dr. Bruce Lipton. They have also written books and produced CDs/DVDs
  4. When you feel ready to go ahead fill in the Assessment Form  and send it to us

Evolve your brainBiology of BeliefHow your mind can heal your body

Practical details

The course fee is £1,200 which includes

  • Preparation coaching sessions if required
  • Assessment
  • 3 training days (10am-3pm and time off to practice)
  • Written course materials
  • 3 x 30 minute follow-up coaching sessions
  • Membership of the Rowan Centre online forum

Some people need on-going follow-up, so additional coaching sessions can be arranged if required. You can also attend group ‘Top Up’ days when you need to be re-inspired. See optional extras below.

We now offer phone or Skype sessions in the comfort of your own home. Your first session will be FREE. To find out more click here or call 01728 830604 for more details.

Next available dates here in Suffolk

We now run the training courses at The Natural Health Centre in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

16 – 18 April

21 – 23 May

25 – 27 June

30 July – 1 August

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Optional extras

Follow-up coaching

  • Diary keeping and 15 minute check in £20
  • 30 minutes phone session £30
  • 1 hour phone session £60

Top up refresher day £85. These provide an opportunity to revisit core elements of the training, discuss progress and do follow-up coaching and practice in a group situation..

Payment methods

Payment is required once your place on the training programme is confirmed

Direct payment Make a payment direct into our bank account – this is our preferred option

Cheque Send a cheque for the full fee.

PayPal You can use this to pay online, enabling you to spread the total cost on your credit card. Paypal charge 3.4% for this option which will be added to your fee. If you choose this option we will email you a payment request when your place is confirmed

Venue & Accommodation

We now run the training courses at The Natural Health Centre in Woodbridge, Suffolk. The address is 24A, The Thoroughfare, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1AQ. Tel 01394 380580. Woodbridge is easily accessible from London, Ipswich, Norwich or Cambridge by road or rail.

For a list of comfortable accommodation please visit the Woodbridge town website here.

The BodyMind Programme on Skype

You can now access the whole BodyMind programme from the comfort of your own home!

Who could do it?

Anyone who wants help to recover from M.E, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Post Viral Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and other pain issues and many long term chronic conditions.

No Skype account? We can help you set one up.. it’s all FREE!


Programme structure (3 phases)

Preparation Discussion, explanation, tasks and assessment.

Training Six 2 hour sessions spread over 2 or 3 weeks.

Follow-up Three half-hour sessions and on-going support.


You do not pay a penny for the preparation phase of the programme which may be a couple of sessions or more. There is no obligation to go ahead.

If you decide to continue on to the next phase, you pay either the full fee of £1,200 or three instalments of £400/£400/£400. This includes the complete programme of all sessions over several weeks, all course materials and our online support forum.

We accept payment by cheque, BACS, cash, credit card or PayPal

The next step

Phone us for an informal chat. We are happy to answer all questions and can put you in touch with previous clients who can give you their full and frank opinion of The BodyMind Programme.

Use the email contact page here or call Steve on 01728 830604.