Our programme for your employees

HSE estimates that 13.5 million working days were lost to stress, depression and anxiety in 2007/08.

Each new case of stress leads to an average of 31 days off work. Whatever the cause, long-term absence can be a costly and frustrating experience for employers. Helping staff to regain their health and return to work can be rewarding in many ways.

How is it different to other treatments?

It is neither a talking therapy or treatment, it is a training programme during which participants learn to apply techniques to better manage stress and improve health and wellbeing.

Other treatments can be long-term, costly or emotionally painful but we have found that people using our techniques often make sustainable improvements over a relatively short period of time.

Why is it so effective?

We provide an intensive 3 phase programme designed to break the cycle of ill-health. Repeated practiticing of the techniques establishes new responses between the brain and body which improves how they both interelate.

Our high success rates at the Rowan Centre are due to extensive pre-coaching (preparation), a comprehensive assessment to ensure suitability, in-depth training and a range of on-going support, tailored to the needs of each individual client.

What our clients say ?

Here is just a small sample of quotes from people who have done our programme….

I completed the programme in June 2009 and was back to work as a primary school teacher in September of the same year. I have recently been observed as part of my performance management and was graded ‘Outstanding’ in all areas. So I can confidently say I’m a really valued member of the team!

I was so ill I never imagined I would be well enough to return back to a job I absolutely love. Training under the expert guidance of Kate and Steve at the Rowan Centre has, I believe made me a much more effective practitioner. Lisa W

“I returned to work two months after doing the training programme and am working and travelling for 10 hours a day, yet still doing gardening and other things in the evening. It’s almost a case of ‘ordinary’ people not being able to keep up with me”.
David B

I was very unwell for some time before doing the training programme. I used to do parttime shift work at a pub and slept in-between, I had no life.

Within a month of doing the programme, I started a new full-time job, I was cautious but it all turned out brilliantly. I help vulnerable parents with childcare and I love it!

Now I am the one helping people and would never have been able to do it without the programme!
Sam K

After being very poorly for over two years, I returned to work two months after doing the training programme, as an auxiliary nurse. I am doing really well, working an average of 38 hours a week in a very demanding but rewarding job. I also have a very full social life with my family. I continue to use the techniques when I need to. Julie O

I returned to voluntary work within 5 months of doing the programme after not having worked at all for several years.

I now work 3 days a week and love my job. I could work longer if I wanted but love all the other things in my life.

 I also get to do other things in my life which is so full now.


What are the benefits to the employer?

  • Resolving long-term absence
  • Retention of trained staff
  • Financial savings from the reduced use of temporary staff
  • Potential reduction in future costs of absenteeism


What are the benefits to employees?

Employees learn how to:

  • Regain and maintain their health
  • Return to work with renewed enthusiasm and energy
  • Deal with pressure and change in the workplace


The fee to a private individual is £850. The cost to employers is £1,500 per person (we keep the fee to individuals low because they are often not working and unable to afford it easily, whereas an employer will benefit financially from investing in their employee).

The fee includes any pre-coaching and preparation required, assessment, 3 days training, course materials and 3 half hour follow up coaching sessions. Additional coaching is available at £50 per half hour. It is worth budgeting for as some clients may need more follow up than others.

We also offer top up days during which clients revisit the core programme content and a free online support forum.

We welcome feedback from employers after staff have returned to work.

To find out more call, Steve Fawdry or Kate Simpson on 0845 900 5765

The Rowan Centre, North Hall, Beccles Rd, Wrentham, Suffolk, NR34 7NP.  Tel 0845 900 5765