Questions and Answers

Is it too good to be true ?
The programme is not a miracle cure and needs persistence to make it work – that’s the only way to get good results.

Will the training be too tiring?
It can seem hard to imagine how you will manage it if you are unwell, but by using the BodyMind techniques you will find that you can start affecting your symptoms on the first day.

I have M.E could I relapse ?
In the first few weeks, if you do not apply the techniques consistently or stop using the techniques it is possible to relapse. After this, if you experience prolonged periods of stress or challenges in your life and you do not use the techniques consistently you could relapse. However, we have found that the vast majority of people use the techniques as taught and make sustainable progress so do not relapse.

Will I have to do the Process forever ?
We always recommend using the techniques if challenges arise..

I’m bedridden, can I still do it ?
Yes, you can start slowly and gently. Improvements are achievable, no matter how ill you are now.

Who doesn’t it work for and why ?
If you don’t apply the techniques consistently you will get variable results and further coaching is essential to get you back on track. Occasionally people stop using the techniques too soon and so do not get the full benefit. Like learning any new skill you may need help if you trip up. We provide a range of follow up options to make it as easy as possible for you to get the best results.

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Will it work for my particular symptoms ?
During initial discussions and assessment we will ascertain whether the programme is appropriate for you. In our experience, people with a vast array of different symptoms can use the techniques to improve their health.

Does it last or will I get ill again ?
It is possible for many of the improvements you make to be permanent if you use the techniques effectively. With some symptoms you do have to use the techniques a lot to get to that point and it is easy to fluctuate at times. It is also relevant that you make changes to your thought patterns and lifestyle so that you can maintain the good health you have achieved.

Does anyone fail ?
Anyone who comes to the Rowan Centre has been assessed for suitability and potential to improve their health. A very small minority of people do not continue to use the techniques effectively after the training course, and they do not continue to make good progress. Very occasionally they don’t make any improvements to their health. These people need help with follow-up coaching and sometimes they don’t seek it because they have lost confidence. It is perfectly normal for some people to have periods of time when they struggle which is why we provide many forms of follow-up and support.

Is it difficult ?
No, anyone over 8 could learn the techniques. But there will probably be times when you don’t feel like doing it, but still must, to get a good result. There may also be times when you don’t know when to do it and will need help to spot the signs. It takes discipline and persistence, which some people would find difficult. A very small percentage of participants find it difficult to stick to it and occasionally they give up or stop doing it. This is when they need extra support and coaching. For most people who do the training, the most difficult thing about it, is getting there in the first place.

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